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Why We’re Into Modeling And Mudslides At LEA’s Spring Conference

Todd Denenberg and Melinda Davis attended the Loss Executives Association’s 87th Spring Educational Conference.

The conference included presentations about the utilization of complex data in pursuit of recoveries, specifically in the form of various geotechnical analyses following mudslide losses.

The conference reinforced our thinking about why, as a global subrogation law firm, we’re so into modeling.  Unfortunately, it’s beyond the scope of this post to discuss DT attorneys’ practice of strolling the catwalk.  We’ll share our thoughts on using digital modeling in cat losses instead.

Mudslide And Wildfire Modeling

In the exceptional LEA conference session “Rain- Fire—Landslide and Proximate Cause: A California Tale” speaker Nathan Ash, Regional Manager and Geotechnical Consultant Madsen, Kneppers & Associates, highlighted how geotechnical data points are critical for handling the recent California mudslide and wildfire losses.

Quantifying and analyzing earth movement caused by heavy rainstorms and the erosion issues related to the destruction of vegetation and brush by wildfires is a key subrogation tool in these cases.

Hurricane Modeling

Hurricane HarveyAs we move into hurricane season, innovative carriers should consider the use of digital topographical modeling in the wake of catastrophic hurricane losses as well.  Hydraulic modeling can provide a key advantage in your recovery efforts following a hurricane loss.

DT is using such modeling in its Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.

DenenbergTuffley is at the forefront when it comes to utilization of complex data and digital modeling following catastrophic losses of all types – especially hurricane losses.

To learn more about how DT can help you obtain a recovery following a catastrophic loss, including losses stemming from Hurricane Harvey, contact Todd Denenberg, Melinda Davis or another attorney on the DT Team.  You can also visit

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